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"Insights" from the New Testament Greek

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 "Insights" from the New Testament Greek

By Bob Jones, Northside Bible Church, Jacksonville Florida

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  --- Textus Receptus Greek Interlinear, by George Ricker Berry, pub by Zondervan, for the New Testament Greek Text.

  --- Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, for the location of all English words in the Scriptures, pub by Macdonald.

  --- The Word Study Concordance, by Tyndale House, for the chapter and verse location of all the New Testament Greek words.

  --- Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon, pub by Baker, for New Testament Greek word definitions.

  --- The Analytical Greek Lexicon, by Zondervan for gramatical analysis of every word in the New Testament Greek text.

  --- A Grammar of the New Testament in the Light of Historical Research, by A.T. Robertson, pub by Hodder & Stoughton, for grammatical analysis of the Greek text.

  --- Word Pictures in the New Testament, by A.T. Robertson, pub by Broadman Press.

  Bob Jones