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"Insights" from the New Testament Greek

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 Study Notes from the New Testament Greek

By Bob Jones, Northside Bible Church, Jacksonville Florida

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1.  Prepositions use the ablative, genitive, locative, instrumental, accusitive, and dative cases. Dative is used only with "epi" and with "eggus" in Acts 9:38. 

     a.  Apo = from, off, away from. Used with ablative only.

     b.  Eis = Normally into. Used with Accusative only.

     c.  Ek or Ez = out, out of, from within. ("Ez" occurs before words beginning with a vowel) Used with Ablative only.

     d. Epi = upon, or adds the idea of super, or "over and above", or "in addition to".

     e.  En = in. Used with Locative only.

     f.  Para = beside. Used with Locative, Ablative, and Accusative.

     g.  Peri = Around or about.

     h.  Pro = before

     i.  Sun = with. Used with Instrumental only.

     j.  Upo = Used with the Ablative to denote the agent by. 

     k.  Kata = Downward motion, from higher to lower. Used with genitive and accusitive.

  Bob Jones